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Car Bumper Protection Facts:
INTERVIEW with BILLY- Parking Garage Manager in NYC

Q: Is car bumper scratches an issue at your parking garage ?

A: "I would not call it an issue, but yes car bumpers are often scratched, but most of the time the scratches are minor, so customers do not notice it. We try our best to use caution, but unfortunately accidents happen – we get to close to another car or a column and the bumper gets scraped. The parking garage I work at is cramped and there is little space to maneuver, but this is what we do and were good at it. For those customers who are worried about car bumper scratches we recommend they get front and rear bumper protectors. We welcome these car bumper protectors since it reduces customer complaints, makes my life easier.

Q: How do you feel about car bumper protectors and car door guard ?

A: "I think front and rear bumper guards are great...I just wish I would have come up with the idea first. Front and rear bumper protectors will protect the bumper should we accidentally get to close to a cement column or wall. Hey, we try our best to be careful but when you got 10 people waiting on line and you need to move 6 cars to get to the customer car, it becomes stressful. I don't get paid enough for this sh**…. The parking attendants here are very receptive to car bumper protection and do not mind attaching it for customers... of course a $1 tip never hurt either."

Q: How often does the parking garage damage vehicles and why does it happen ?

A: "It depends on who does the driving…there is a high turnover rate for parking attendants, and we also get new people, some of whom are horrible drivers. It is almost inevitable that a vehicle will be damaged in a parking garage because of the limited space, overcrowding, and poor lighting conditions. Listen, we don’t get paid enough to baby sit your car."

Q: What do you do when the customer complains about damage ?

"As a rule we almost always deny responsibility for the damage if it’s a minor bumper scratch, scrape or abrasion... sometimes the driver just goes away. We also have a posted sign that says the parking garage is not responsible for damage to plastic bumpers. Since the sign is posted right on the wall in big letters for all to see, if they park in my garage then they have accepted these terms.”

Q: In your opinion are front and rear bumper protector and bumper guards effective in the parking garage environment ?

A: “Front and rear bumper protectors wrap around the entire bumper and have a thick foam for excellent car bumper protection. We occasionally see people pull in with those rear bumper guard mats, but they do not protect the bumper corners. Let’s put it this way, if I had to park my new BMW or Benz in a parking garage you bet I would have one of those car bumper guards on my car.”

Q: Can you offer any advice to people who are scared to park there expensive new car in your garage ?

"My advice is to look for a reputable parking garage that has few complaints, and get yourself a front and rear bumper protection or car bumper guards."


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