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DoorShox - The Ultimate Car Door Protector
DoorShox - FEATURES DoorShox - Standard Vs Valet Explained

    Door Shox - Standard Edition Car Door Protection
Standard Edition - DoorShox

“Standard Edition ”Door Shox are the most popular for 4 door vehicles...can be used on 2 door vehicles for maximum car door protection against dings. Stop car door dings. Get the #1 rated car door protection from DoorShox.





     *** NOTE: Will Not Work On Aluminum Doors
Car Door Protection

    Door Shox - Valet Edition Car Door Protector
Valet Edition - DoorShox

“Valet” vehicle door protectors are excellent for valet parking situations. Since each door protector has it’s own security cable, the valet attendant can open and close the door without removing the car door protection. “Valet” vehicle door guards can be used on 2 or four door vehicles.


SALE PRICE: $64.95

     *** NOTE: Will Not Work On Aluminum Doors

Car Door Guard

The Door Shox Car Door Protector Works !!!

The DoorShox company launches their new car door guard that’s designed to stop car door dings and dents when parking on the street or parking garage. Sound to good to be true? Well we decided to test the car door protector for ourselves. In all fairness we used the product during the course of a month when parking at the shopping mall, supermarket, airport and even on the street. After removing the car door protectors over one hundred times we conclude that the car door guards work. During the test we tried our best to park in tight spaces and near shopping carts. We concluded that there were no visible dents or scratches on the door.

DoorShox Vehicle Door Protector Is The Ultimate Car Door Protection

In the past, car door guards were a standard feature on almost every car. While car door guards were never the most stylish accessory they were effective at preventing car door dings. Unfortunately, most car companies have omitted car door guards from their new car designs. Whether this was done on purpose or for design reasons, the fact remains that today’s cars do not have proper car door protection. If we all had private parking spaces this would be okay, but in the real world we park our cars in parking lots often inches from other vehicles. Without car door protection the risk of car door dings, dents and scratches is a real concern. The problem is so wide spread that car door dent removal companies has become a popular franchise business generating millions of dollars in repairs. Why no stop door dings before they happen. Vehicle door guards and protectors can stop dings and dents from ruining your car door.

How Do Car Door Protectors Work ?

Car door guards provide a cushioned barrier to door bumps. The DoorShox car door protector offers the best car door protection for your parked car. For added cushioning the DoorShox car bumper guard is constructed of energy absorbing foam rubber. When an adjacent car door edge strikes the door protector, it causes the arch to flex and rebound, softening the impact. How does the vehicle door protector attach? The DoorShox car bumper guards magnetically attach to steel doors. Simply attach the vehicle car door guards after you park and remove them before driving.

Who Needs Car Door Protection ?

Anyone who parks at a shopping mall or parking lot can benefit from car door protection. Car door protectors can guard against accidental car door impacts and runaway shopping carts. Similarly, car door protection is a must have for valet parking. Why? Because valet parking garages park cars close together and dings happen. In defense, the DoorShox company designed a valet edition car door protector, especially for valet parking situations. Car door guards offer excellent protection from car door dings and dents, a common occurrence in parking lots everywhere. It doesn’t take much to dent a car door…a light tap from an adjacent car door is all it takes. Car door protection can save you hundreds of dollars in dent repair and end of lease charges.

The Best Car Door Protectors Cushion Bumps

The #1 rated DoorShox vehicle door protection is the ultimate car door guard for street parking. Only the DoorShox car door guard is made from a V-Tech energy absorbing material that cushions impacts. So, if car door dings have got you concerned, than the DoorShox car door guard is for you.

Temporary Vehicle Car Door Protectors For The Best Vehicle Door Protection

For many years glue on car door protectors were the car door protection of choose. Many car manufacturers included these car door protectors as standard or optional equipment on most cars. While stick-on car door protectors help prevent car door dings they ruin the vehicle's appearance. As car manufacturers deleted car door protectors from their new vehicle designs, car door dings and dents complaints are on the rise. Without vehicle door protection a car door is easily dented and scrached when impacted by another car door. To solve the problem some car manufacturers have started offering car door guard accessories for over $200 plus installation. Some other door ding solutions include magnetic car door guards that provide a cushioned barrier to car door bumps and bruises. The DoorShox car door guard revolutionized the car door protection business with the introduction of its new “No Touch Magnet Technology.” What’s the benefit ? DoorShox magnets never make direct contact with the door surface - the magnets are covered in a soft silicone like rubber that has raised micro ribbed feet. These ribs provide a soft and anti-slip contact point and they are easy to wipe clean.

Door Shox Car Door Guard Offer Flexible Car Door Protection

The DoorShox vehicle door protectors utilize three independent magnetic feet. Why ?
Separate magnets allow the car door guard to flex for a better fit around bulging fenders and doors. The magnetic feet act like an octopus tentacles providing superior grip and stability.

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